DONNAY Software Products

This page provides a brief description of DONNAY Software Products and links to pages with more detailed descriptions and ordering information.

eXPress++ 2.0

eXPress++ is an add-on library/DLL for Xbase++ that aids in the migration of Clipper applications to full-GUI or can be used to create new Xbase++ GUI applications quicker and easier. eXpress++ provides a Clipper-style command syntax for creating complex GUI dialogs and reports that produces the same functional program as one written fully object-oriented. eXPress++ applications are easy to develop and maintain .

For more detailed information about eXPress++ 1.9 see our eXpress++ 2.0 Product Info page.

To request a demo of eXPress++ 2.0 (compatible with Xbase++ 1.9 and 2.0)
send an email to Roger Donnay -