Podcasts, Live audio feeds and videos

Roger Donnay occasionally performs live podcasts in which he discusses issues related to eXpress++ and/or Xbase++, along with a guest host.
He also captures video and audio from computer presentations of devcons (coming soon).


2015 eXpress++ Spring Devcon live audio feed

Donnay Software will be broadcasting a live feed of the 2015 eXpress++ Spring Devcon for those who are unable to attend our event.

The audio will be broadcast on May 1,2 and 3 2015.

Steffen Pirsig (CEO of Alaska Software) will be our guest at 11:00 am MDT on Friday, May 1.

If you have questions for the presenters or for Steffen Pirsig during our interview please email your question to rogerdonnay@donnay-software.com.

We will also be recording audio/video tracks of the presentations to be posted on this website for download after the closing of the event. Hope to see you there.

You can also listen to the podcasts on your iPhone or Android device.
Go to the AppStore or Play Store and download the AMR FM app.
After installation, press "More..." then press "AMR.Devcon"
The Donnay Software logo will appear. Press play to listen to the podcast.