Xbase++ Training

This page provides a description of Xbase++ Training services offered.

Roger Donnay is a developer with over 25 years of experience in Xbase++ and Clipper. He has leveraged this experience to provide a training program specifically tailored to the Clipper developer who needs to get up to speed quickly with Xbase++. Donnay Software is an authorized Technology Partner of Alaska Software and has worked closely with Alaska Software to develop migration training materials and a third-party product, eXpress++, which is designed to aid Clipper programmers in converting text-based Clipper applications to Full GUI Xbase++ applications.

Roger has used the eXpress++ product and his knowledge in Clipper to personally convert two large Clipper applications to GUI and to aid in the conversion of dozens more through a fast-track training program. Whether you choose to use eXpress++ or not in your new Xbase++ applications, Roger can help you get on the right track, quickly and efficiently. Currently, Roger is only providing one-on-one training. He believes that this is much more effective than group training because it is tailored to the customer's specific needs and will insure that the customer will feel confident that he/she has attained the tools and knowledge necessary to complete a satisfactory migration.

Here are some commonly-asked questions from Clipper developers considering the conversion of a Clipper application to Xbase++.

Roger will discuss these issues with you and help you build a strategy for converting and migrating your Clipper applications to Xbase++. He will work with you, your source code, your data and your programmers to give you a leg-up in getting your project off the ground.

Fees for Xbase++ ONE-ON-ONE Training

One-on-one training is charged by the day. The fee for this type of training is the same regardless of the number of attendees. The smaller number of attendees, however, the more Roger can concentrate on the specific needs of the trainees. One-on-one training is tailored to the needs of the trainees and to solving their specific Xbase++ issues.

"Roger's 3 day trip to our site shaved at least 2 man months off of a good size Clipper to xBase ++ conversion. The experience he brought to the table was invaluable. Several third party libraries needed to be eliminated, and Roger was instrumental in identifying replacement functions as well as writing new functions. We will be able to deliver our 32 bit system several months sooner due to Roger's help. Time is money, and we saved both!

Thanks Roger"

- Jim Graham, Professional Teledata

"For seven months I struggled with Xbase ++. Unfortunately I was not knowledgeable in Windows, OOPs, or Xbase but I thought I could learn while I worked. This really didn't happen until I had a few hours with the MetaFrame training. Now I feel like I can complete my App and get on with other things that I haven't done for seven months. I'm not an expert yet but I am doing things I had no concept of just a couple weeks ago. I highly recommend this training for anyone who is struggling with Xbase development, DOS conversion, etc." - Jim Ruth

"Thanks to the genius of Donnay Software Systems, and specifically their eXpress++ software, My son and I were able to convert 9 years of legacy Clipper code to Windows code in 3 days!! Thank you Roger for your xBase++ training. I feel we were able to accomplish in 3 days, what I have NOT been able to do in 3 years with other Windows development products.

We now have the Windows app that our customers have been requesting to replace our Clipper application. We are so excited to finally have a Windows app that not only "looks" good, but affords features that we could not attain with Clipper. The timing couldn't have been better. After "sampling" almost ALL of the other Windows development systems, eXpress++ for Xbase++ opens the path to other development opportunities for us to achieve the financial goals needed for the success of our company.

eXpress++ and Alaska Software makes developing software for TODAY'S market, much much easier, because it only requires us to use the "Clipper" style that we know and are comfortable with. You have made it possible for us to compete with software that IS object oriented, without all the fuss of the painful learning curve associated with other languages. The "Command" language of eXpress++ is the most powerful tool I have ever seen. Finally we have the products to develop applications the way they should be, using methods that have served us well for years..." - Bill Broyles, Chairman